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You might want to come enjoy the great Adirondacks, in upstate NY. What a magnificent place this is, as you will can see from pictures and video. The pictures do not do full justice, but do give you an idea of the settings and surroundings here in this hideaway. It is so nice up there it is very difficult to leave once you settle in. The peaceful, quiet lake can keep your mind at bay for hours. The camp itself is on a portion of White Lake. The water is certified drinkable every year, you can see down 10 - 30 ft easily on a sunny day. I would estimate around 100 or so cabins on the lake front, there is also a Boy Scout Camp along the lake. Drive 45 miles North and you are in Old Forge, 40 miles South and you are in Utica, 30 miles East and you are in Booneville. Maybe you do not like sitting in the peaceful cabin, but enjoy doing activities, there are countless things to do in the surrounding areas. Canoeing, hiking, biking, driving, sightseeing...

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Rocky Lodge II

Water panoramic from the dock of Rocky Lodge

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